Project Planning Makes for a Perfect Result
Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling your existing one, or needing new furnishings, planning is the most important part of any interior design project. The more you plan, the smoother the ride. There are four main parts of the interior design planning process: budget, concept, specifications, and timeline.

Planning Makes Perfect

Budget is one of the most important elements of a project, even though some people feel uncomfortable discussing it. The budget dictates everything, from the project timeline to the finishes and furnishings. Creating a well-informed budget is a key part of the planning process. When RI Studio creates a furnishings budget for client projects, we provide estimates for each item that will be specified in your project. This includes everything from chairs to accessories to drapery. This detailed process establishes guidelines for the design selections so that when the design is presented there are no surprises. The budget has been agreed upon in the very beginning. Expectations set and expectations met!

If we are helping you design a new home or large remodel, those budgets will be initially established by your builder or contractor. We can certainly look over these, to point out any areas we think you might want to adjust. This will help to make sure what you are wanting in your home is reflected in the allowances.

The design concept is the overall theme of the interior design. It often includes sketches, swatches, and samples. This allows the client to see and feel the design direction. The RI Studio team creates a design concept after our initial consultation. To create the best concept possible, we’ll ask you lots of questions during the consultation. The goal is to get to know you as much as possible so we can design a space that’s perfect for your life. We’ll ask you about your style, schedule, hobbies and family to get a better sense of how you use your home.

The more planning the better

RI Studio creates interior design specifications alongside the design concept. Where the design concept is more wholistic, the specifications get into the details of a design. These plans often involve blueprints for the space, measurements for cabinetry or furniture, finish selections, and more. Any item or material that will be needed for your design down to the hardware and accent pillows should be accounted for in the interior specifications.

Planning makes perfect

The project timeline is another significant part of perfect planning. Timeline directly impacts the budget and how quickly you can begin enjoying your space. Many factors can affect the timeline of a project, from material selections to customized products to trade resources. We at RI Studio can help guide you through this process by suggesting materials that help stay within your timeline. Keeping you ahead of your builder or contractor with your selections and maintaining an expediting report for your furnishings are just a few ways we are here to help the project move along.