Ask Terra Column

Ask Terra Column

I bought these chairs at Round Top for my home, but I am not sure how to decorate around them. My home interiors are very 90’s, and I am trying to figure out a way to bring everything up to date. Do you have any suggestions for a rug and accessories? Appreciate your expertise.
– Amy Bullock


Welcome to December, everyone! I hope this new season has brought you some much-needed family time and a chance to find some peace in the comfort and safety of your home. If you are in the mood or starting to notice some areas of your house that need a little sprucing up before the holiday guests arrive, we have some tips to help you on your way. Inspiration from your favorite catalog or scenes from your social media feed can be great starting points. If you want to make the space cohesive, it’s best to seek professional guidance from those who know interiors inside and out. We are here for you.

We look forward to all of our Ask Terra questions, and this one was perfect to include for the holiday season. Welcoming your guests into your home is a treat, especially when your interiors wrap them in a warm and inviting hug. This can be done with a variety of design elements, but one in particular for the purpose of this blog are chairs.


Chairs options can vary depending on the size, shape, color, and upholstery of the piece. Pairs of chairs also play a more significant part in the layout of a space and can help designate sight-lines within the room. We were working off the photos provided above with the idea that we needed to bring everything up to date. This upgrade would seamlessly blend the new Round Top chairs as grounding points and offer a new and improved living space for the family. To do this, I suggested moving the ottoman towards the fireplace. This would allow it to serve as a coffee table or footrest for that central area. The ottoman is also sturdy enough to handle a large serving tray. A natural wood tone would bring in the darker wall tones and banister color to tie each of those elements together.

To amplify the comfortability factor, I suggested adding two small drink tables to flank the chairs’ sides. Side tables provide an added layer of luxury and comfort. Their ease and openness to be quickly and easily relocated to any part of the room. They also invite your cocktail to take a seat next to you.

An area rug is a cozy way to ground larger pieces of furniture. The rug will also help with sound control and blanket the space in an extra level of relaxation. I genuinely love a layered look as it brings visual interest to a room. With the plaid chairs, a solid white hair or hide layered on a natural grass rug would be a picture-perfect scene.


Impactful interiors are also about editing your design elements so that everything has room to shine. I suggested removing the faux greenery and replacing it with something fresh. Plenty of leafy plants could be incorporated on the ottoman tray and the mantle. This would help to sprinkle that natural feel throughout the room. To update the “Old World” feel in the living room niche, I advised replacing the large arrangement. Something like lanterns to house candles or taller candlesticks. These flickers of a new world design scheme would help tie the room together without being too drastic for the rest of the home’s interiors.

A piece of art is the icing on the cake for a unified look. I suggested placing an art piece in the back of the white wood built-in. Something with a black background would help draw the eye and give some visual contrast against the white wood. It is all about balance my friends.

There you have it. A couple of adjustments can leave a beautiful and memorable aesthetic for you and your loved ones to indulge in during your holiday festivities. If you have a one-of-a-kind piece you are trying to feature and incorporate into your interiors, connect with us. We would love to create your very own work of art in a reimaged space that is new and improved and ready to be enjoyed.

Mixing Design Styles in Your Home

Mixing Design Styles

How to Merge Design Styles – 5 Helpful Tips
Many of my clients say decorating is difficult — especially when mixing two opposing styles. What if you have a modern style that favors clean lines, but your spouse likes the ruffles and distressed wood characteristic of French country décor? How do you blend family heirlooms and antiques with contemporary pieces? As an interior designer, I’m faced with this challenge daily. But mixing styles doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you follow these tried-and-true methods for merging design styles.

Limit Your Color Palette
Color is a powerful tool and can make items that otherwise wouldn’t match feel like they belong together. Using one color palette will unite everything in the space and marry varying styles.

Choose A Dominant Style
One reason why a space that combines two styles might feel like it’s clashing is because both styles carry an equal amount of weight in the design. Instead, choose one style to dominate the scheme and make the other secondary. I think 70/30 or 80/20 is a good ratio of primary to secondary styles.

Match Wood Tones
Matching wood tones is an easy way to make a space with several different styles feel cohesive. There are many different types of wood and a wide variety of stains. Choose just one for a space, like all oak or all white-washed, to attain a consistent look across furniture, flooring, cabinetry and accents.  

Highlight Unique Pieces
If you’re struggling to incorporate a piece into a design, stop trying to make it blend in and instead try embracing its uniqueness. Making the piece the focal point of the room will help it feel purposeful like it was specially selected to stand out in that space.

blending design styles


Hire a Professional
Designing your home — especially if you’re building a new construction — can be a daunting task. That’s why interior designers exist. We make our clients’ lives easier by driving design decisions, managing the complex project and adding a creative touch to the finished interiors. RI Studio would be honored to help you with your next project and merge your design styles. We can’t wait to hear from you!