RI STUDIO 2021 Goals

2021 Goals

The New Year is almost here, and we are so excited to share our plans for 2021 with you all. This time last year, we had no idea what was in store for us. Now that we have been living in almost a full year of uncertainty and anxiety, it is time to take matters into our own hands. Let’s start making those plans for a bigger and better year. Here we go!

2021 Goals


We are teaming up with RI Custom Homes to create our very first property flip. This project will be a labor of love between mine and my husband’s company to work together and provide a one-of-a-kind home experience. We are currently looking at properties that could be our brainchild in North Dallas area. We’ve been keeping a close watch on this location full of homes with great structure that need a little updating. Our focus will be adding modern amenities that are energy-efficient with interiors designed to the T.


Lately, we have seen many California natives make Prosper, Texas, their new home. The path of growth has made the area a prime destination for many who are looking to keep their elevated lifestyle at a more reasonable price point. While homes are going up like crazy, furnishing availability is minimal or extremely overpriced. To add an extra layer of service to not just my interior design clients but to the surrounding area, we plan on opening our very own retail location. This will be a cozy storefront with a vignette or two and a studio in the back. We will feature those little touches of home décor, as well as custom furniture and rugs for everyone to enjoy fine furnishings in their new homes. We can’t wait to bring custom and one-of-a-kind home décor at an affordable price to the city of Prosper.


As an interior designer, I am given the privilege of bringing people home to a place of their very own. The feeling that comes with giving that to an individual or a family cannot be put into words. To give back to our community, RI Studio will be teaming up with local family support organizations and networks that help transition children into safe and stable homes. Designing a room for a child with their furniture and their belongings to make their day brighter would significantly impact their outlook on life. Witnessing their reaction would truly be something to behold. If you know of any organizations or a family in need, please share those stories with us to provide the gift of home to those who truly need it.

No matter how 2021 unfolds, we can rest assured that we have our own plans. These goals will help us conquer the days ahead. We hope you all have a happy and safe New Year. Let’s make 2021 the best year yet!

Custom Home Interiors

Concept, Customize, Create

Custom Home Interiors

When you envision your dream home, what do you see? What design scheme would you use, and how would the flow of the space work? Creating your dream home is our duty and responsibility that we live for. A one of a kind, custom, living experience is something every family should enjoy.

The trust in taking a family’s vision from concept to paper to reality is a relationship we spend careful attention and time to nurture. As we all know, our time spent at home has increased dramatically, and no matter what is going on in the world, our private interior lives will always be our foundation where we can find consistency and peace. If you are in the market for a new build or are planning on undergoing a full home renovation, there are some key checkboxes to make sure you hit along the way. Our experience in bringing custom home builds to fruition has enabled us to dissect this otherwise heavy subject into these top four tips.



Ready? Set, GO! As you start on your custom home journey, the first thing we suggest you do is find the right team. Surrounding yourself with the right people will set you up for a successful custom home design. Your team should include the right builder, architect, designer, and landscape architect if you have the budget. Communication is essential among all of your teammates.

Make sure they all have reputable referrals. These speak volumes about their experience and care in completing a project. If you can find a team that has worked on projects together previously, it will help in their workflow and collaboration. Depending on their specialty, it may change what you look for in each of them slightly. No matter their part in your custom home build, they are all there for you. This means they should understand your expectations, style, and needs based on your conversations, inspiration, and the end goal of your new space. 

When it comes to looking for the right builder, make sure you team up with someone who has financial stability. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is certain, so you’ll want to team up with someone who is going to be safe and prepared for whatever life will throw at you. Dallas is home to some of the best home builders. Our favorites that we have had the pleasure of working with are Hawkins-Welwood Homes, BuildiTect, and of course our sister company RI Custom Homes. You can also find more on the Dallas Builders Association website. You will also need an architect if you are planning on building a true custom home.

If you are hesitant to hire an architect, trust us when we say they are well worth the investment. Your architect will sit down with you in the early stages of your home design. This preliminary work will prevent costly issues or mistakes later down the line. The more collaborative you can make this relationship, the better. Make sure you bring in your designer early to the design process before submitting or permitting begin. An interior designer will see the other side of the overall design that architects are simply not trained to see. Your interior designer should also have an understanding of the construction process.

An interior designer’s form of a construction lens over the project will allow them to know what to look for as far as what the builder is executing in reference to what has been stated in the plans. If you are able to have the luxury of a landscape architect, consider someone who thinks about how the interior and exterior will work together. An easy way to test drive this is to sit down and look out your window. What do you want to see on the other side? Ideally, the exterior design will complement the interiors of your home to create a cohesive haven. 


In our previous blog post, Planning Makes Perfect; we talk about the importance of planning. Those same principles apply to your custom home project. The more time and leg work on the front end will alleviate any downtime during and upon completing your custom home build. You will want to scope out the look, the style, and the overall feel of the home with your designer and architect before meeting with builders. If you can diagnose the level of finish out you want in your home, then the builder will set realistic budgets and allowances for each key piece of your design. Your plan not only gives builders an even playing field to provide you with their best and most accurate estimates, but it also helps to avoid any surprises moments from a budget perspective. 


Yes, that’s right, we said the b-word. Budget, budget, and budget should be top of mind and top of the conversation to ensure everyone is on the same page and understand the investment at hand. We want to remind everyone to leave more than enough budget for furnishings! An excellent way to ensure you have an ample budget to play with later is to edit yourself and try not to overbuild. This will give you wiggle room so the rooms in your home can be finished precisely how you want them. You can read more on our Budgeting for Furnishings blog, where we lay it all out so you can clearly assess where your budget needs to be for all phases of your project.


Trust is something we talk about a lot because it’s not something as black and white as budgets or plans. It is something you feel and believe. Trusting the process is one side of the trust treaty. The other side is trusting that you have vetted the right professionals to help you execute your custom home beautifully. Trust yourself and the relationships you’ve made to get you where you are in this custom home journey. Trust the team to help guide you through the process, and trust that their skills and expertise are the right fit for you and your family’s home. You’ve done the homework, and you’ve done the research, now is the time to trust that and get started on your custom home design!

You can trust that RI Studio will understand you and your style. We’ve had the opportunity of working with many different interior tastes, budgets, and unique circumstances. All of which has brought some of the most thoughtfully customized and beautifully adorned homes out there. We are accepting new projects and would be honored for the opportunity to bring your custom home to you. Connect with us today to get started!

Ask Terra Column

Ask Terra Column

I bought these chairs at Round Top for my home, but I am not sure how to decorate around them. My home interiors are very 90’s, and I am trying to figure out a way to bring everything up to date. Do you have any suggestions for a rug and accessories? Appreciate your expertise.
– Amy Bullock


Welcome to December, everyone! I hope this new season has brought you some much-needed family time and a chance to find some peace in the comfort and safety of your home. If you are in the mood or starting to notice some areas of your house that need a little sprucing up before the holiday guests arrive, we have some tips to help you on your way. Inspiration from your favorite catalog or scenes from your social media feed can be great starting points. If you want to make the space cohesive, it’s best to seek professional guidance from those who know interiors inside and out. We are here for you.

We look forward to all of our Ask Terra questions, and this one was perfect to include for the holiday season. Welcoming your guests into your home is a treat, especially when your interiors wrap them in a warm and inviting hug. This can be done with a variety of design elements, but one in particular for the purpose of this blog are chairs.


Chairs options can vary depending on the size, shape, color, and upholstery of the piece. Pairs of chairs also play a more significant part in the layout of a space and can help designate sight-lines within the room. We were working off the photos provided above with the idea that we needed to bring everything up to date. This upgrade would seamlessly blend the new Round Top chairs as grounding points and offer a new and improved living space for the family. To do this, I suggested moving the ottoman towards the fireplace. This would allow it to serve as a coffee table or footrest for that central area. The ottoman is also sturdy enough to handle a large serving tray. A natural wood tone would bring in the darker wall tones and banister color to tie each of those elements together.

To amplify the comfortability factor, I suggested adding two small drink tables to flank the chairs’ sides. Side tables provide an added layer of luxury and comfort. Their ease and openness to be quickly and easily relocated to any part of the room. They also invite your cocktail to take a seat next to you.

An area rug is a cozy way to ground larger pieces of furniture. The rug will also help with sound control and blanket the space in an extra level of relaxation. I genuinely love a layered look as it brings visual interest to a room. With the plaid chairs, a solid white hair or hide layered on a natural grass rug would be a picture-perfect scene.


Impactful interiors are also about editing your design elements so that everything has room to shine. I suggested removing the faux greenery and replacing it with something fresh. Plenty of leafy plants could be incorporated on the ottoman tray and the mantle. This would help to sprinkle that natural feel throughout the room. To update the “Old World” feel in the living room niche, I advised replacing the large arrangement. Something like lanterns to house candles or taller candlesticks. These flickers of a new world design scheme would help tie the room together without being too drastic for the rest of the home’s interiors.

A piece of art is the icing on the cake for a unified look. I suggested placing an art piece in the back of the white wood built-in. Something with a black background would help draw the eye and give some visual contrast against the white wood. It is all about balance my friends.

There you have it. A couple of adjustments can leave a beautiful and memorable aesthetic for you and your loved ones to indulge in during your holiday festivities. If you have a one-of-a-kind piece you are trying to feature and incorporate into your interiors, connect with us. We would love to create your very own work of art in a reimaged space that is new and improved and ready to be enjoyed.

Vickery Place Project

A Vickery Place Vision

Where has the year gone? Many of us have had to get creative in our daily rituals that would otherwise hum along without much thought. 2020 has definetely brought its share of obstacles. All things considered, we all will continue to grow and learn from every curve ball life throws at us. Taking on those dips as opportunities to be creative and make the most of our situations can help improve our overall outlook on life. There is plenty of work to be done in the remaining months of this crazy year. With that said, we are doing an end of summer round-up of our latest company updates. For this particular post, we want to walk you through our latest project in the Vickery Place area of Dallas. This full redesign brought its own challenges that we were able to navigate with our creative interior design solutions.


Vickery Place has a highly respected reputation. The area is known for its rich architecture and historic aesthetic. When the conversation began, we were presented with particular guidelines that the home design had to fit within. Collaboration would be a crucial part of this puzzle. We made sure to keep that line of communication open not only with the client but with the the architectural review committee. The committee would also need to be involved in almost every detail of the home renovation. We partnered with RI Custom Homes and together we were able to provide a full home redesign. The outcome included architectural drawings, interiors, and exterior selections. The concept behind this design was to bring the home to an elevated modern scene by tactfully utilizing technology. This way we could incorporate the landscape into the home while interlacing the historical architectural standards of the neighborhood.


In order to bring the outside in, we installed panoramic sliding doors that would reveal the reach of the space to the outdoor living room. This extension of the floorplan to the exterior of the house brings a fresh indoor-outdoor California vibe. It not only makes the sense of the room more profound but also speaks to the modern feel of the home and how our spaces do not always need four walls.


In the master bathroom, modern lighting elevates the scene of a carwash shower set up that would invigorate and awaken your idea of pampering. A sprinkle of modern fixtures throughout the home give it that extra freshness but still kept the integrity of the home’s historical roots with their craftsman-like design.

Design trends and particular home styling can depict a more historic time. These details give a window to a time portal of integrity and timelessness. A piece of history that brought some creative problem solving were the windows of the home. They were especially tricky because the architectural guides mandated that the window mullions be maintained. Our client initially requested we find a way to have them removed but as we continued the conversation process, we were able to apply alternative design solutions. The stairway placement and the open concept floor plan supported an astounding openness. This gave a grand and contemporary vibe tied into historic nuances. By working with the architectural style of the home we were able to embody and celebrate the classical days with something that would be memorable and timeless.

Ask Terra Column

“I’ve seen lots of home offices with wallpaper. I do like wallpaper, but I wonder if it’s just a trend…what are your thoughts?” – Jacqueline Tomsic

Things have changed on the home front this year. Our homes have now become our office, daycare, entertaining venue and more. No matter the year or what it holds for you, the different seasons of life will continue to change. This continuous change calls for something to ground us, where we can focus and be productive. Careful selections that inspire productivity and speak to you and your family’s needs can help you celebrate your otherwise everyday office nook in a whole new way. No run of the mill, cookie cutter layout or design will function and work for you the same way a personalized and thoughtful office space will. To flex with the ebb and flow of everyday life, making your workspace a flexible and blend able part of your home will help make it function and appeal seamlessly to reinforce your focused mindset in a sound and comfortable home office.



Incorporating closed storage is a must to alleviate any extraneous office products you don’t need readily available. An added bonus for storage would be to include uppers for ample amounts of additional storage. Everything has a home, and these pieces will help alleviate clutter on your main workspace area. If you have a particular door or drawer style, make sure to keep the same style for all to maintain order and ease of use. Also, adding hardware always makes your cabinetry look more polished and sophisticated. When it comes to the center portion of your home office design, open up the center portion where you will be seated or standing if you utilize a standing desk option. The open space will encourage you to stretch out and let those innovative, problem-solving thoughts fly. You can also add in a couple of floating shelves in a wood tone or accent color for even more sleek storage. Don’t forget to consider the backdrop to your think tank. Do you need something subtle and deep in color or something livelier with an intricate pattern


For this home office, we chose violet grasscloth. It brings subtle color and texture to activate and energize the mind for the moments that call us to be tactful and engaged.


If you have more of a bold look in mind, you can also try a remove-able wallpaper that is easy to take down if you want to switch things up later. This is a space we designed with a green patterned wallpaper backsplash. Nuances of each element tie the design together to create a cohesive look that is upscale and makes an impact.

Home Office Mood Board

The haven of your home office of course is your desk. The place where your keyboard strokes and mouse clicks make things happen! Make sure your selected work surface is hard and smooth. A stone top is an option but not completely necessary on a desk space. You could even consider quartz, quartzite or granite. Any of these selections would bring that extra level of executive substance.


2020 Design Ovation Awards

We are honored to have received not one, but TWO Design Ovation Awards for 2020. Check them out below.


The idea behind this new construction project, was to create a residence that would respect and enhance the way a busy family of five lives. The result–a fresh, glass-enclosed oasis that can celebrate and enable true indoor-outdoor living and entertaining. A continuous kitchen, breakfast and family room adjacent to an all glass wall allows for an abundance of natural light to flood the cohesive space. The colors utilized throughout the home are derivative of the natural tones and textures found just beyond the large windows and oversized glass doors. We kept the base palette neutral and integrated pops of deeper blues, rich greens and strong blacks. These bursts of color can be found in the art, throw pillows, rugs and accessories. With these design elements we were able to incorporate an organic feel with a quirky edge that resulted in an eclectic design style. This made for a perfect fit for this young fun family.

Simply Minimal


Keep it simple. This was the theme behind our modern kitchen design. Clean lines, bold lighting fixtures, and a simple color scheme with an abundance of natural light brought life to this modern kitchen. This was the perfect solution for creating a sense of community and family gathering. A larger space was needed to accommodate larger social settings. The kitchen became the ideal haven for this family of six to spread out, cook and enjoy each others company. Thanks to the streamline setup and warm backdrop, this kitchen transformed into the heart of the home. Quartz countertops compliment the stained flat paneled millwork with minimal details letting the natural cabinet materials shine. The entire scheme is perfectly simple and you can feel the balance from top to bottom.

Thank you all for your continued love and support and allowing us the opportunity to be able to do work that we love!

Living Lavishly

Lavish and Luxurious

10 Luxurious Upgrades You Need in Your Home
As an interior designer for the high-end residential market, I’m constantly incorporating the most sophisticated elements into my design work so my clients can truly relax in a home that feels elevated and refined. Though these pieces can be pricey, I believe they are indulgences that are well worth the money. Which of these 10 lavish and luxurious design elements catch your attention?

Quartz Countertops

Lavish and Luxurious Upgrades

The milky-white look of this quartz countertop is timeless, making quartz surfaces the ultimate investment in luxury. I installed this matchbook waterfall on my client’s kitchen island and they couldn’t be more thrilled with the final look.

A Spa-Like Bathroom

Living lavish with a spa like bathroom

Enjoying a day at the hotel spa from the comfort of home? Nothing will make you feel like you’re living in a hotel more than a luxe bathroom complete with a soaker tub, walk-in shower, custom cabinetry, and a large vanity to arrange jewelry and perfumes. RI Studio designed this master bathroom to be a spa-like retreat for the homeowners.

Custom Cabinetry

Luxurious cabinets

Though they’re more expensive than prefabricated cabinets, custom cabinetry is worth the investment. Each cabinet will fit your space and tastes perfectly and to provide storage that is both practical and chic, like in this laundry room. Design by RI Studio.

Custom Fireplace Details

Custom fireplace is now a luxury

What was once a necessity has now become a luxury. Fireplaces instantly add a feeling of coziness to a space. They can also be incredibly luxurious, especially when completed with custom details like this hand-painted tile. Design by RI Studio. 

A Show-Stopping Chandelier

Lavish chandelier

Chandeliers are beautiful and dramatic — a lavish statement any home can benefit from. While most homes feature a chandelier in the dining room, RI Studio selected this modern linear chandelier that balances the iron details in the space and creates balance to the elongated dining table beneath.

Commissioned Artwork

Custom artwork is an added luxury

Art serves so many purposes: it adds beauty to your home, can serve as a good financial investment, and can reflect your personality and style. We always seek out original or commissioned art for our clients to ensure their home is truly one of a kind. Design by RI Studio.

A Custom Front Door

Custom front door brings instant luxury to the front facade of your home

Instantly add curb appeal to your home with a custom front door. RI Studio designed this door to have three-times the wow factor: it’s round, geometric and a deep, luxurious brown. It looks just as beautiful on the exterior!

A Wine Room

Luxurious wine room

A wine room is a perfect way to show off your wine collection. Specialty wine storage allows you to protect the bottles while showcasing them. Design by RI Studio.

A Grand Piano

Lavish grand piano

Musical instruments are works of art and craftsmanship and will always be a lavish addition to the home. Whether you’re a skilled pianist or a dedicated admirer, a grand piano can be a focal point in your family’s homes for generations. Design by RI Studio.

A Gym

Lavish and Luxurious Gym Setting

Fitness enthusiasts will delight at having a dedicated space in their home for a gym. These spaces may be expensive, between the protective rubber flooring, soundproofing for the walls and the gym equipment itself, but you can’t put a price on good health. Design by RI Studio.

How to Budget for Furnishings

How to Budget for Furnishings

By Terra McNutt



When you’re buying or building a new home, one of the first, most crucial steps in the process is creating a realistic budget. A common mistake is forgetting to set aside an adequate amount of funds for furnishings and décor. Here is our handy guide on how to budget for furnishings.

Every home design project is unique, so costs can vary depending on details like the home size and quality of selections. When decorating a high-end home, a common budgeting rule of thumb is to set aside anywhere from $35-$50 per sq.ft. to completely furnish your space.

Regardless of how you choose to decorate your home, there are some items homeowners often forget to budget for. As you create your furnishing budget, don’t forget the following:

  • Soft furnishings like pillows and draperies
  • Artwork
  • Shipping or delivery costs
  • Hallways and entry spaces
  • Interior design fees

It’s important to note that while every interior design firm charges a fee for their services, hiring an interior designer is a cost-saving measure in many ways. As design experts, we help our clients avoid costly mistakes and we will sit down with our clients in the first phase of their project to develop realistic budgets for each area in their home so that in the end there are no surprises.

If you’re looking for an interior designer to help guide you on how to budget for furnishing in your home, RI Studio would love to help. Our award-winning design team has extensive experience managing design-build projects and selecting furnishings for our clients’ homes. Contact us to learn more.

Planning is Key

Planning Makes Perfect


Project Planning Makes for a Perfect Result
Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling your existing one, or needing new furnishings, planning is the most important part of any interior design project. The more you plan, the smoother the ride. There are four main parts of the interior design planning process: budget, concept, specifications, and timeline.

Planning Makes Perfect

Budget is one of the most important elements of a project, even though some people feel uncomfortable discussing it. The budget dictates everything, from the project timeline to the finishes and furnishings. Creating a well-informed budget is a key part of the planning process. When RI Studio creates a furnishings budget for client projects, we provide estimates for each item that will be specified in your project. This includes everything from chairs to accessories to drapery. This detailed process establishes guidelines for the design selections so that when the design is presented there are no surprises. The budget has been agreed upon in the very beginning. Expectations set and expectations met!

If we are helping you design a new home or large remodel, those budgets will be initially established by your builder or contractor. We can certainly look over these, to point out any areas we think you might want to adjust. This will help to make sure what you are wanting in your home is reflected in the allowances.

The design concept is the overall theme of the interior design. It often includes sketches, swatches, and samples. This allows the client to see and feel the design direction. The RI Studio team creates a design concept after our initial consultation. To create the best concept possible, we’ll ask you lots of questions during the consultation. The goal is to get to know you as much as possible so we can design a space that’s perfect for your life. We’ll ask you about your style, schedule, hobbies and family to get a better sense of how you use your home.

The more planning the better

RI Studio creates interior design specifications alongside the design concept. Where the design concept is more wholistic, the specifications get into the details of a design. These plans often involve blueprints for the space, measurements for cabinetry or furniture, finish selections, and more. Any item or material that will be needed for your design down to the hardware and accent pillows should be accounted for in the interior specifications.

Planning makes perfect

The project timeline is another significant part of perfect planning. Timeline directly impacts the budget and how quickly you can begin enjoying your space. Many factors can affect the timeline of a project, from material selections to customized products to trade resources. We at RI Studio can help guide you through this process by suggesting materials that help stay within your timeline. Keeping you ahead of your builder or contractor with your selections and maintaining an expediting report for your furnishings are just a few ways we are here to help the project move along.

Mixing Design Styles in Your Home

Mixing Design Styles

How to Merge Design Styles – 5 Helpful Tips
Many of my clients say decorating is difficult — especially when mixing two opposing styles. What if you have a modern style that favors clean lines, but your spouse likes the ruffles and distressed wood characteristic of French country décor? How do you blend family heirlooms and antiques with contemporary pieces? As an interior designer, I’m faced with this challenge daily. But mixing styles doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you follow these tried-and-true methods for merging design styles.

Limit Your Color Palette
Color is a powerful tool and can make items that otherwise wouldn’t match feel like they belong together. Using one color palette will unite everything in the space and marry varying styles.

Choose A Dominant Style
One reason why a space that combines two styles might feel like it’s clashing is because both styles carry an equal amount of weight in the design. Instead, choose one style to dominate the scheme and make the other secondary. I think 70/30 or 80/20 is a good ratio of primary to secondary styles.

Match Wood Tones
Matching wood tones is an easy way to make a space with several different styles feel cohesive. There are many different types of wood and a wide variety of stains. Choose just one for a space, like all oak or all white-washed, to attain a consistent look across furniture, flooring, cabinetry and accents.  

Highlight Unique Pieces
If you’re struggling to incorporate a piece into a design, stop trying to make it blend in and instead try embracing its uniqueness. Making the piece the focal point of the room will help it feel purposeful like it was specially selected to stand out in that space.

blending design styles


Hire a Professional
Designing your home — especially if you’re building a new construction — can be a daunting task. That’s why interior designers exist. We make our clients’ lives easier by driving design decisions, managing the complex project and adding a creative touch to the finished interiors. RI Studio would be honored to help you with your next project and merge your design styles. We can’t wait to hear from you!

RI Studio's Story

The Story of RI Studio – III

Part III | By Terra McNutt

This is the third in a three-part series. To read Part I, click here. To read Part II, click here.

Owning RI Studio is one of the greatest pleasures of my life, and we’re just getting started.

One of the most exciting aspects is seeing my style take hold in the Dallas design community. RI Studio designs are original and exclusive. Our clients aren’t the only ones who are noticing. We have been honored to have won a first and second place award in the ASID 2019 Legacy of Design competition. I’m excited to submit more of our designs in 2020 and beyond. To have the validation of the design industry recognize the impact of our firm’s work has helped reinforce that we are on the right track.

As I look to the future, I have big plans for the growth of RI Studio. We’ve seen this growth, both from new clients looking for full home renovations and previous clients looking for us to design their second or vacation homes. Another key piece to our plans is to expand our work with architects and custom home builders. I love working with these skilled professionals to create a holistic design — one that incorporates creative and exclusive design elements before construction even begins.

We’re always looking to improve how we service our clients at RI Studio. With that, we will soon be launching a new program exclusively for previous and existing clients to continue providing them white-glove services after their interior design projects and home renovations are complete.

In the meantime, I’m thrilled to announce a new blog series by RI Studio called “A Rendered Interior.” I get so many questions from clients and friends about interior design, and I want to give back to my community by sharing my expertise. Do you have a question for me about interior design or the construction process? Are you looking for design advice, decorating tips, or an insider’s perspective on new trends? Submit your questions to terra@ristudiodallas.com and I will answer them in future “A Rendered Interior” columns.

This new series touches on the heart of interior design: connection and community. I’m so grateful to work with dedicated builders, talented architects, and especially my thoughtful clients. Thank you for being part of my community; I can’t wait to serve you.



The RI Studio Story

The Story of RI Studio – II

Part II | By Terra McNutt

This is the second in a three-part series. To read Part I, click here.

Flashback to 2018: I had just left a prestigious Dallas design firm to create RI Studio. It was a brave choice, but I was confident my work was ready to stand on its own. I had a vision for what my own firm could become, and I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

One of the first things I did was hire a business manager who has a long career in homebuilding, marketing and finance — a perfect complement to my expertise in design, construction and project management. This outstanding partner happens to be my mother, Rhonda. It’s a comfort knowing my clients are served by someone I trust implicitly.

Our first month in business was exhilarating. We were overwhelmed with inquiries and new business sourced entirely from referrals. Without investing in any advertising, RI Studio was completely booked and stayed that way for the entire year. It was the most incredible feeling to know that I had built such a strong community of clients, architects and builders.

RI Studio First Year
I’m so thankful for how busy RI Studio was in our first year. This luxurious residential design was one of my favorite projects of the year.
RI Studio First Year
RI Studio is built on an aesthetic that is elevated and unique. This glamorous design is a perfect example.

Throughout the year we worked on a variety of projects, including several custom homes in the greater Dallas area. In the years since, RI Studio has continued to grow, and I couldn’t be more grateful or feel more blessed. We have big plans for the future of RI Studio, and we couldn’t have done it without some elbow grease and, most importantly, your help and support.