“I’ve seen lots of home offices with wallpaper. I do like wallpaper, but I wonder if it’s just a trend…what are your thoughts?” – Jacqueline Tomsic

Things have changed on the home front this year. Our homes have now become our office, daycare, entertaining venue and more. No matter the year or what it holds for you, the different seasons of life will continue to change. This continuous change calls for something to ground us, where we can focus and be productive. Careful selections that inspire productivity and speak to you and your family’s needs can help you celebrate your otherwise everyday office nook in a whole new way. No run of the mill, cookie cutter layout or design will function and work for you the same way a personalized and thoughtful office space will. To flex with the ebb and flow of everyday life, making your workspace a flexible and blend able part of your home will help make it function and appeal seamlessly to reinforce your focused mindset in a sound and comfortable home office.



Incorporating closed storage is a must to alleviate any extraneous office products you don’t need readily available. An added bonus for storage would be to include uppers for ample amounts of additional storage. Everything has a home, and these pieces will help alleviate clutter on your main workspace area. If you have a particular door or drawer style, make sure to keep the same style for all to maintain order and ease of use. Also, adding hardware always makes your cabinetry look more polished and sophisticated. When it comes to the center portion of your home office design, open up the center portion where you will be seated or standing if you utilize a standing desk option. The open space will encourage you to stretch out and let those innovative, problem-solving thoughts fly. You can also add in a couple of floating shelves in a wood tone or accent color for even more sleek storage. Don’t forget to consider the backdrop to your think tank. Do you need something subtle and deep in color or something livelier with an intricate pattern


For this home office, we chose violet grasscloth. It brings subtle color and texture to activate and energize the mind for the moments that call us to be tactful and engaged.


If you have more of a bold look in mind, you can also try a remove-able wallpaper that is easy to take down if you want to switch things up later. This is a space we designed with a green patterned wallpaper backsplash. Nuances of each element tie the design together to create a cohesive look that is upscale and makes an impact.

Home Office Mood Board

The haven of your home office of course is your desk. The place where your keyboard strokes and mouse clicks make things happen! Make sure your selected work surface is hard and smooth. A stone top is an option but not completely necessary on a desk space. You could even consider quartz, quartzite or granite. Any of these selections would bring that extra level of executive substance.